The Hallon | Behind the Scenes

The Hallon is a stunning, luxury housing property located in Hopkins, MN, designed by ESG Architecture and Design. Hutch partnered with ESG on this project, alongside Trilogy Real Estate Group, to select and procure furniture that fit the overall design intent, creating a series of functional, beautiful spaces.

interior design swatches and textiles

The apartment lobby is cozy and inviting with clean geometric lines, earth tones and a statement marble fireplace. The space includes custom seating chairs in a rich spice fabric, a custom sofa in grey boucle fabric, and a custom 4'x4' wood coffee table that Hutch sourced from a local woodworker based in Omaha, Nebraska.

apartment lobby interior design

apartment lobby interior design

The lounge and coffee area, to the right of the front desk, is the perfect meeting spot for guest. It features custom booth seating, marble-base coffee tables and a built-in kitchenette. The custom, full-fabric ottoman seating, in vibrant sienna, adds the perfect pop of color.

apartment lobby coffee lounge interior design

Our favorite space in this project, the first floor lounge area, is a dream. The main seating area features the Dandy sofa in a custom soft green velvet, two Malta lounge chairs in custom pebbled parchment, the Ionic armchair in meg gold, and a large wooden coffee table in soft black.

apartment lounge space interior design

Behind the main seating area is a library study, complete with a stunning built-in, floor-to-ceiling bookshelf, and two marble Lucy dining tables with Gala armchairs in shadow gray and structural gold bases. Adjacent to this space, there are two additional marble Lucy dining tables with Annex dining chairs, and a wall of booth seating.. The booths feature custom cafe tables, statement wallpaper and sconce lighting, providing a cozy and semi-private setting.

apartment booth seating design

On the third floor of the apartment complex is a club room for lounging and hosting, as well as a speakeasy, complete with custom neon and an air hockey table. For this space, a different design palette was incorporated, featuring rich tones and elevated textures and materials.

apartment club lounge dining room and kitchen

The club room's kitchen and dining area features the Paden dining table with six Carrie dining chairs in slate boucle. Four Chip counter stools recovered in custom slate grey leather sit along a stunning red marble kitchen island. To the right of the kitchen is additional leather booth seating with three marble Lucy dining tables. Across from the kitchen, along the wall of windows, are two custom wood top dining tables, with Callen dining chairs in amber fabric, adding a lovely pop of color. 

The lounge area towards the back of the club room features the Mitchell sofa in custom jute  leather, one velvet Astrid chair in merlot, two Forme chairs in custom Pollack shearling and a gorgeous Fausto coffee table in bleached guanacaste. 

apartment club lounge dining table and seating areaOn the back wall of the club room is a floor to ceiling, light oak bookshelf. However, this isn't your ordinary built-in shelf: it conceals a secret door to a speakeasy.
speakeasy bar hidden door design
speakeasy door chairs and table seatingHutch also had a hand in making furniture selections for The Hallon's stunning outdoor space. The seating area pictured below is complete with two 9 Yard sectionals in sunbrella coal, four bumper ottomans in tomato, and two bean-bag chairs which add a fun and playful touch.
outdoor seating area

To see photos from inside the speakeasy, and explore more of the stunning interior and exterior images from this project, check out The Hallon on our portfolio page.

Photography courtesy of Emma Morem and ESG Architecture and Design.